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A stunningly beautiful website by Simon Jones. Use your mouse to explore the hiddel depths of this superb website a moment with Simon Jones, web design, creative, writer, copy writer, artist, radio host, Big Brother, Simon,Jones, Channel four, channel 4, peter jones, simon james jones Click here to email Simon Jones Personal home pages can be boring. They usually contain pictures of where the sites creator lives simon jones, art, artsy, movie, actor, tv, television, posh, oxton, wirral, bebington Bebington, First stop to suburbia on the train from Liverpool to Chester. and sometimes pictures of places near where they live. Sometimes one can become attached to the strangest of situations, the oddest of people and the most uninviting of places. They always have a picture of themselves Technology has brought me to you, only curiosity has the power take things further. or themselves with friends. Andy Long, Will Woodhouse, Gray Woodhouse, Gareth Price (Pricey) and me... me being Simon Jones. They often write about subjects they enjoy One Saturday afternoon in 2000, four friends and I spent a small fortune sitting out in the blazing heat of a summers afternoon in Belgium watching cars go around and around in circles. places they've been If home is where the heart is... then should I call Boston (USA) my home? I wonder. The city certainly plays host to some fantastic memories for me both from the past and most certainly from the future. stuff they've seen All the budgets of Hollywood couldn't produce anything that repeatedly pulls the crowds with the same drama and fascination of even the simplest of sunsets. This one photographed at Lythum St Annes in 2000. and memories they have. This moment, this laughter, this magic, this is what the best memories are made of. They might share a pearl of wisdom or two Dreamer of dreams born out of my due time. Why should I strive to set the crooked straight.  -  William Morris or just tell you a story about when they went to the pub Cider is my occasional poison. and had too much to drink. When the world becomes a beautiful blur. They might write about where they see their future going At 30 years of age I thought that I would have been a completely different person. Now that I am here should I be surprised that I am still essentially the person I once was? their hopes Whenever I look out of the observatory of the John Hancock tower in Boston, I ponder the lives going on below me. I try to imagine the lives of people I can see below, where they are going, where they have been and who they are. From so high everything that makes that person who they are is removed and they become a small part of a massive symphony of stories. I could stand there for hours just looking out across other peoples worlds. their fears Forgotten. their realities. Every day life. They might share all of this in the hope that someone somewhere stops by and reads their work I love books, but I don't like reading them. That is kind of odd. I love to write, but I don't like having to use a pen to do so. Ironies or idiosyncrasies? but knowing that most are in too much of a hurry to notice it's even there. When traveling from A to B, it is everything that is seen between those points that becomes the story of the journey. But that's life, and their 'interesting' might be someone else's 'boring'. Who's to tell?
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