[Reality Radio with Simon Jones]

[Simon Jones meets the Beloved Few at Crackers pub in Beverly, North shore of Boston.]

This is the last show in this series, not by choice though. Unfortunately due to a computer hardware failure the following shows are stuck on a hard drive that can't be accessed.

Anyway, this show was recorded in New Hampshire and Vermont. I have also lost all my notes and photographs from this time so all I can tell you is that this show features Karen's slightly mad family.

Something I was desperate to do while in New Hampshire was have a ride in Rich's plane. It seemed like a really excellent idea, but when I got up there I started feeling a bit strange. We flew around a mountain then hit a little turbulence. At that point I started to feel very bad. Interestingly enough my first reaction, that I had to fight hard, was to get out of the plane. I even put my hand on the door to open it!

Obviously I didn't jump, but for once in my life I was shut up for quite a while! Air sickness really knocked it out of me. After we landed I got out of the plane and proceeded to throw up a lot! Then I simply just lay there and didn't move. Rich left and went to tell Karen he had abandoned me there (on my request) outside of the private airports gates.

Karen turned up later and believe it or not I couldn't move for three more hours because every time I did I was horribly ill! It seems parenthetically funny now, but I tell you what, it was horrible at the time!

However, I want to thank Rich for actually going to the trouble to take me up in his plane. I really did appreciate it, and one day I will have another go, however I doubt Rich will pilot me again after the last dramatic episode!

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