[Reality Radio with Simon Jones]

[Simon Jones in Boston with friends Anne, Jodie and nice guy Denny]

[Jodie Birdwell and 'Nice Guy Denny' (Who really is a nice guy!)] Like anyone, one of the most enjoyable things I like to do is hang out with friends doing nothing in particular. It's especially good when you can do so in the sun at a cool location like Boston.

In fact Boston is a particularly good place for 'loafing' (lõf. v. intr. spend time idly. Loll, laze, sl goof off.) Now those of you who 'loaf' will understand the importance of quality loafing partners. The ideal loafing partner/s will be someone who knows how to talk complete garbage with little thought of time or the next sentence. Although it's not a requirement, a good loafer is usually at least moderately witty.

My friend Jodie has splendiferous loafing virtues. She is one of the most naturally gifted loafers I have ever met, with a startling ability to loaf with the best of loafers. Her friend "Nice guy Denny" is someone I had never loafed with until this point, but he showed the kind of relaxed laid back style that only a true loafer could have. So with Anne, the four of us made up probably the four most relaxed people in Boston that afternoon. We just loafed around talking garbage and letting life wash over us.

[Stuff you'll see if you sit exactly where we did!] Our original plan was for Anne and I to go and pick up my rental car then meet Jodie and Denny and head out to Boston Harbor Islands. However, as the weather that day was so good it appeared that most everyone else pretty much had the very same thought as us. So with transportation out to the harbor islands as restricted as it was, we decided to just head into the city and wander around just chillin' out.

Now make no mistake, I like beaches, and I am sure the harbor islands are great, but I am a city guy. I love being surrounded by noise, sky scrapers and the hustle an American city. So the fact that we couldn't get out to the beach wasn't a problem for me at all.

The four of us wandered through the common and into the public gardens. Jodie demonstrated her arm wrestling 'secret' and proceeded to lose her match with Denny. We grabbed some cold drinks from a nearby Dunkin Donuts and continued our slow wander through Boston's Back Bay area.

Pretty much all of the show was recorded in Copley Square which is where we ended up. Just before we went to get something to eat, we played one of my favorite games in which you have to tell one another the details of a strangers life as you see the. It's really a stupid game, you pick a stranger out, then start describing things you couldn't possibly know. Stuff like "they are having an affair" or "He is a banker who wishes he had played guitar and gone into rock music", stuff like that. It's an utterly pointless game, but for any loafer, it is a perfect diversion on a sunny afternoon in a city like Boston.

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