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[American Reality Radio: Episode I]
[Folks at Fresno Pacific College, 92] This American Reality Radio was first recorded eight years ago in the spring of 1992, in Fresno California. This is a 'show' I have wanted to put together for years. Having recorded just a few moments from the months I spent living in california back in 1992 I never actually did anything with the material. The tape was consigned to a box at the back of my cupboard and in nearly nine years probably was listen to no more than a handful of times.

This particular 'show' is probably more unexplained than all the others purely because back in 1992 I had no idea that I would be doing these programs. Heck, I didn't even know anything about the internet or have any idea about computers in general!

My time in America 1992 was undoubtedly an experience that changed my life. To go and live in a different culture at the age of 21 would have to change anyone's life right.

[Folks at Fresno Pacific College, 92] My only regret from that time was the fact that back then I was too self conscious to record more material. For part of the time I was out there I took a Greyhound bus and traveled on an epic journey from L.A. to Washington D.C.

On the trip I stopped at loads of places including Phoenix, Dallas, Memphis, Washington D.C, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St Lois, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Amarillo and a snowy Albuquerque. It was an epic road trip. Thinking back at some of the places I went, situations I found myself in and people I met, I would have had some great material for Reality Radio. An opportunity missed that time.

However it's my goal to one day do that trip again. Except not on Greyhound this time. My goal is to one day to get from New York City to San Francisco by all manner of transportation means (you know, drive, fly, sail, horseback... whatever). Then do the same back from L.A. to New York again. Along the way I would record the adventure and broadcast it to whoever the hell was out there and interested. That's a goal for life though. I'll have to make a pile of money before I am ever in a position to live that dream. I'll do it one day though, I have promised myself that.

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