[Reality Radio with Simon Jones]

Reality Radio was a pioneer podcast that appeared online in 1999. It was created by me, Simon Jones, using an Apple computer and a $20 cassette recorder from Radio Shack. The shows were initially compiled using SoundEdit 16 and then encoded into RealAudio format and made available for download. They were later converted to MP3 format.

The show only ran for a short period of time mainly due to the fact that it took a great deal of time to create the shows. In rough terms, a minute of showtime took around an hour of production. They were, nonetheless, great fun to create and I've decided to leave them here as an archive for myself and the random person who might one day stumble upon them.

The Trip Begins From Manchester airport in the UK, I to the New York. [Notes]
Two bars and a city Drinking strange brews with friends Listen to the show and read the background by clicking this link. [Notes]
Loafing in Copley Square It's a sunny day in Boston. [Notes]
Beloved Few play live Hanging out with a much loved local band. [Notes]
I wasn't made to fly Turns out I don't like small planes. [Notes]

1999 (In reverse order)
Le Radio Realitae Reality Radio goes to Paris!
Dream ticket Driving a race car at Donnington Race Circuit.
The Eclipse Watching the UK eclipse.
Jumping on the bandwagon Star Wars madness.
One Sunny Day in June The Irish Wedding.
Pricey weekender. Part Two. The weekend in Sheffield continues.
Pricey weekender. Part One. Pricey's last weekend as a student.

American Reality Radio (1999)
American Reality Radio was a secial series of the eight programs broadcast from the States in May (99). Below is a list of links to the programs. Click here to listen to the shows.

May 10th (99) Next stop America!
April 30th (99) Alarms and small i's.
March 19th (99) Landlords.
March 9th (99) Anne Metz in the UK!
Feb 28th (99) Video killed the Radio star.
Feb 2nd (99) Radio Illusion.

Retrospective shows
1998 - American Reality Episode Two. Another retrospective look at the America 98. [Notes]
1992 - American Reality Episode One. A look back at my first trip stateside in 1992! [Notes]