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Simon Jones Okay. I am a reasonable enough guy, so I won't draw this out any longer than I have to. Basically I write this stuff myself, this stuff being all the articles contained on this website. Use of any article, in part or in whole, is NOT allowed without first obtaining my express permission.

You can of course link to my stuff, although I can't be held responsible for any offense that may be caused if someone clicks on a link to my site and... well, gets offended. Also if you do link to 'meanwhile' then I would prefer for that link not to be held within a framed document of any kind.

It might also be worth saying that anything you read in meanwhile is simply just my opinion. I am not stating the opinion of any company that I may or may not represent either now, in the past or in the future.

Full terms and conditions are avialable.

And that's it. That's the boring legal shit bit over and done with. I suppose having a lawyer as a mate makes me aware of some legal stuff that I might otherwise have not known about. Maybe not though? In a way I think it's sad that I need to put legal warnings on my site. But these are litigious times we live in I suppose, and one can't be too careful I guess. Anyway, go away now. I'm bored with writing this page so there's nothing more to read here. Go read some articles

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