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Simon Jones Meanwhile : The Extras and 'bonus material' only really curious people will find.
This section on 'meanwhile' exists mainly for the curious, bored and down right noisy people who go to the trouble of exploring the depths of the site. You're not likely to unearth any hidden treasure but you will find stuff here that most casual visitors are likely to innocently pass by.

What do you look like?
It is perhaps the most common question I am asked by readers. Yes, the 'half face' is me, but it really isn't a true picture. There are plenty of pictures of me across my entire website, but just for fun I created a timeline picture gallery so readers can see what I actually look like.
Click here to see what I (Simon Jones) looks like.

Unfinished Meanwhiles and 'works in progress.'
Meanwhile doesn't follow any logical publication timeline. I write when I have the time and inclination to do so. However sometimes I write something that I never get around to finishing. Sometimes I plan to come back to them later and finish them, sometimes I just give up on them, the reasons are many and varied.
Click here to read unfinished Meanwhile's.

I decided that after blogging on Xanga for a couple of years with friends, I'd move my blog 'into the open' for others to read if they so wished. It's where I post pictures of places I've been and write about what's going, you know, the usual bloggy stuff. It's called 'Before i Forget' because I just liked the title and it's supposed to sum up the kind of 'off the cuff' style of the blog itself.
Before i Forget .

Instant message with me using AIM (iChat).
If you use AOL's instant message service via an AOL client or some other software such as Apple's iChat, you can say hello by instant messenger just by clicking the link below.
Say "Hi" using AIM.

Hidden links
Within a lot of the more recent Meanwhile articles are hidden links. That's to say, links to other sites that not underlined or obvious. The text simply looks like the rest of the text on the page; like this. There is no real point to these links other than to serve as another source of interest and amusement to the most curious reader.

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