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Simon Jones Just a few days into 2005 I was lucky enough to see the top of Mount St Helens in Washington on a crisp and beautifully sunny afternoon. It was a great way to start the year. Flying back from the States to England I was treated to a spectacular view of the Northern lights, and therefore able to tick one more 'must see' thing off my list.

-- 2005 --
26.10.05 - 2000 Dead As the death toll in Iraq rises I wonder, is it worth it?
14.09.05 - Strange Brew It's beer, just beer with a strange name.
05.09.05 - A question of nature is it right to ask tough questions in the wake of a disaster?
20.05.05 - Weapons of mass destruction Examining gun ownership in the USA.
12.05.05 - Just for the taste of it Is Coca-Cola guilty of corporate abuse in India?
22.03.05 - Murder by numbers Does owning a gun make you safer?
21.01.05 - So long Granddad Saying farewell and remembering my Granddad.
10.01.05 - This far from there The day before my Birthday.

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