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Simon Jones 2003 was a pretty damn good year in most respects. I was hugely busy running my company which had the best year ever. That was good for profit but not so good for the free time aspect of things. I didn't get nearly as much time to sit down and write as I wanted. I guess I was enjoying living life, and who can blame me for that.

-- 2003 --
30.12.03 - Atomic Cafe Sipping steamers as a cold December night draws in.
09.11.03 - Tambourine Dream Time to gracefully retire all dreams of being a rock star.
14.09.03 - Who could see heaven Summer's encore leads to a spontaneous diversion.
24.08.03 - Bla bla bla Everyone has a point at which they just glaze over.
18.08.03 - Ikea generation It can't be normal to get this excited about a new lounge.
11.05.03 - Waving at planes Am I the only 'grown up' who still waves at planes?
20.04.03 - Promises Is it really possible to make a life long promise?
27.03.03 - Missing in action Has the truth become a face among imposters?
14.03.03 - Friday's song Medical science has some terrible limitations.
12.03.03 - Tickets please Finding inspiration on the 16:34 to Liverpool.
03.03.03 - The royal treatment A trip to The Liverpool Palace cut short.
16.02.03 - No news If there is only bad news is it irresponsible not to be interested?
01.02.03 - Safely home The space Shuttle Columbia is lost on its homeward journey.
26.01.03 - A bridge of stars One more gadget isn't going to fulfill me is it.
01.01.03 - One such moment Some moments can last forever.

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