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Simon Jones A good year for me. I enjoyed writing in 2002 more than ever before, my only complaint is that I simply didn't have time to write more. The year started and finished in the States with many significant moments in between.

In 2002 I discovered a website that enabled me to find out what old school friends were up to, where they are now, that kind of thing. In the profile I had to write for that site about myself, I said I didn't realise that being 31 would be as much fun as being 21, and perhaps I would go so far as to say it is better.

-- 2002 --
29.12.02 - Red Cloud Road Memories of a Greyhound bus ride.
15.11.02 - Ah fuck it When design creativity has left the building.
13.11.02 - Viewing pleasure It's an old truth that there simply is too much stuff on TV.
11.09.02 - September 11th Coming to terms with the events of September 11th 2001.
24.08.02 - Chicken or beef The joys of coach class.
19.08.02 - California A lot has happened in ten years.
02.08.02 - On a bus to Seattle My trend of writing on while in transit continues.
02.07.02 - Get real Are we searching for something real, or just being voyeurs?
02.07.02 - Just good friends Can married people have friends of the opposite sex?
15.06.02 - A good woman Do I have an inner camp guy?
29.04.02 - A tourist in time How come time goes faster as you get older.
24.04.02 - The wrong pizza Momentary amusement with wrong numbers.
17.02.02 - Wonders in the deep On loan to the nine to five life.
27.01.02 - Controlling revelations Is twisted truth still truth?
01.01.02 - It's seven thirty Killing time in an airport.

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