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Simon Jones It had been just under a year an a half since I had written my last 'Meanwhile back in reality' article. In that time my life had become hectic with work commitments and all the other things that seemed to consume time without you noticing. But in February of 2001 I decided to start writing again, for no other reason than the fact that life was passing me by in a blur and I wanted to have something aside of a few pictures in a photo album to look back on.

And so 'meanwhile' was born. No capital letter in the title and no 'back in reality' either, since no one ever seemed to say that bit anyway. Meanwhile was going to be understated and subtle. A place for me to write whatever I pleased and share it with whoever stumbled upon the website.

Since discontinuing the old website back in 1999 I had lost nearly all of the readers I once had. So 'meanwhile' was back to square one, back to basics, but most importantly.. it was back.

-- 2001 --
18.12.01 - 4000 miles to Christmas Once again leaving traditions behind.
23.10.01 - The blank page of tomorrow Secrets and lies never revealed in diaries.
03.10.01 - Sleeping soundly The reality of living in an age of armchair soldiers.
30.07.01 - Textual Positions Are we a generation gorging on promiscuous text?
14.06.01 - Do blondes have more fun The common belief tell us so.
13.05.01 - Sensible car Am I becoming a sensible person?
12.05.01 - A perfect day Days like these are the best.
09.04.01 - Crime Number 185624w/01 Once more a victim of crime.
01.03.01 - Asian Gold -v- Misty Lilac Should I be driving a better car?
14.02.01 - Previously on... Recapping on the plot so far.

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