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Simon Jones In 1999 I finally left Birkenhead after living there for five years or so. It was a major year, moving from a very small bedsit (studio) apartment into a two bedroom apartment in a nicer area. Spoils from my new career as a website designer for a company started by my older brother and run by me.

Sadly I stopped writing in September of this year. It wasn't because I didn't enjoy writing or no longer had readers, it was because work commitments took up all my spare time. In retrospect I wish I hadn't stopped writing. Much happened in the period that 'meanwhile' was 'dark.' I didn't take up writing again until February 2001.

-- 1999 --
13.09.99 - Accidental citizen I'm not a computer person!
10.05.99 - The wind of change Pondering a website make over.
01.05.99 - Ayrton Senna remembered My tribute to a Grand Prix legend.
16.03.99 - Being different Round pegs in square holes and the such.
01.03.99 - Show me the money What I hate about doing business.
09.02.99 - REF 34973 It's amazing how bad BT really are.
01.02.99 - As one door closes The joys of moving house.
27.01.99 - All good things Leaving my bedsit in Birkenhead.
13.01.99 - Dark city Misgivings about the state of the internet.

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