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Simon Jones By 1998 the number of regular readers to meanwhile (then called 'Meanwhile back in reality) had increased significantly. From my bedsit apartment in Birkenhead I was now reaching the world, or at least that's what it felt like. I would sit in front of my trusty old Apple Mac computer (which at the time I didn't even have a proper desk for) write a 'meanwhile' and by the following evening would receive a flurry of emails from people who were for some reason interested enough to read what I had written.

It was gratifying to some extent, but really I just found motivation in the fact that through my writing I was able to cross 'electronic' paths with people I would probably not meet under any other circumstances.

-- 1998 --
15.12.98 - Plastic times Is Christmas not made of the real thing?
07.12.98 - Me and Mr. Collins The purchase of a middle aged CD.
19.11.98 - Losing my religion My misguided notions about the 'browser war'.
12.11.98 - Another night in Birkenhell The story of Porky and the cops.
27.10.98 - Fasten your seat belts A look at the MicroSoft trial.
11.10.98 - Divided we stand The divide between the rich and poor
06.10.98 - My Vital Statistics Server stats?
28.09.98 - Barking up the wrong tree Christians getting it all twisted around.
22.09.98 - A byte from the Apple tree Questioning my former employers wisdom.
13.09.98 - Caught on the job President Clinton's privates become public.
06.09.98 - The iMac My views on the a new blue computer.
28.06.98 - Who wants to be Little. Looking back on the days at Connect.
22.06.98 - In the net. Football TV rights and the world cup.
21.04.98 - By the way, he's gay. Why is sexuality so important anyway?
13.04.98 - Whether it's true or not Tale of a mad man and his army of fools.
01.03.98 - Splinter in my eye Criticizing for criticizing sake
27.02.98 - A dog, a new trick, a possibility 1998 F1 season preview.
16.02.98 - What if tomorrow Does anyone really consider the value of time?
05.01.98 - Science fiction and the fact Looking back at what the future used to be.

--- The lost files ---

-- 1998 --
26.01.98 - My America.
19.01.98 - The Devil and the deep blue sea.
12.01.98 - Life at Thirty.

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