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  It seems that controversy should be my middle name. This weekend I heard from a friend that I was being named as the creator of an extremely witty parody website that I saw some weeks ago, but that is no longer anywhere to be found. (I do hope who ever did create it will bring it back soon!)

I'd better be careful what I write here though, as I know that certain people from the organization in question may indeed be looking at my site for clues. (Quite what they hope to find here though I don't know.)

The Christian organization that I shall call 'Garrick' for the purpose of this article, seem to have had a serious sense of humor failure over the fact that someone parodied their website. Apparently the people right at the top of 'Garrick' have all seen it and are most unimpressed. There is talk of legal action and indeed for all I know maybe they have already got the parody sites creator and that is why the site has disappeared. Who knows?

All I know is that the 'Garrick' organization have been sending 'war talk' messages through channels aimed at me. Warnings like "They'll sue him you know" and "They are really serious about this". They have been harassing my friends (and even people who aren't my friends) for information and generally leaning on people to give my name in connection to the creation of what was a great site.

But here's the thing. When I looked at the site I couldn't see any way of finding out who'd created it other than a rather obscure e-mail address that was registered to Turkmenistien or some such place! So if 'Garrick' were going to sue the creator, where the hell would they send the writ? And exactly what would they sue for? 'Being horrible' maybe?

In short, I think it's more than a little humorous that all the big wigs at 'Garrick' have gotten their farty old double chins in a twist over the site. Surely anyone in the public eye, be that a person, company or organization would have to accept that they are going to be the subject of, sometimes rather pointed jokes. It's called Satire in the states, and is protected under their constitution. Even in UK law such 'mickey taking' is protected, or else the likes of 'Spitting image' and other such things, would surely always be in court?

Basically I think that the top dogs within 'Garrick' should calm down and learn to be less reactionary. I appreciate that reacting without thinking is in their nature, but I would advise them (if I were their legal council) to think carefully before they go harassing anyone. Whoever did this website could live anywhere on the face of the planet earth! That being the case, you have to track them down first then find a law that they have broken (that'll be a tough one I feel) then see if you can apply that to the county where the site is hosted. All in all, that's a whole heck of a lot of trouble for what surely would be little gain?

Lastly I want to just mention a couple of things. Firstly: doesn't the Bible (which may or may not be something the 'Garrick' organization hold as sacred) say something about 'not having lawsuits among yourselves' and 'first go to your brother and tell him your grievance' or some such thing? And secondly: If the people at 'Garrick' are so convinced I am the creator of the parody site, why have they not asked me about it. They most certainly have my number and even if they have lost it, perhaps there time would be better spent asking the people they are currently harassing, to give them my number?

Perhaps that's too logical? It's most certainly too reasonable.

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