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  "After phone sex one night, The president fell asleep mid conversation."

The Star report makes for interesting reading... if you haven't got anything better to do with yourself and someone has locked you in a room with nothing else other than a computer and the pages of CNN on a web browser.

In short I think this report is like so many American productions, far less in fact, than it ever was in anticipation. Pages and pages of refrigerated legal terminology exposing the presidents weakness for oral sex. He's a guy for goodness sake... aren't all guys a bit partial to the occasional blow job?

He's called it a sin, the conservatives are calling it disgusting and the US legal system is trying to contest that it was illegal. Yeah I know that he's in trouble for lying, but really when you cut away all the sensationalists bullshit, he's in trouble for getting 'caught on the job!'

At the end of the day I don't really give a toss about who's tickling Bill's tackle. Yeah, he is the president and all that, but when the American public voted him in was it because he was a highly moral man? No, they voted him in because he is (was?) a good leader. Just kuz he's had his family jewels in the mouth of an intern, doesn't mean he is any less of a good leader. Does it?

So he lied, albeit to a pretty important lot of people. But lets look at the actual facts. Here's a guy who did something stupid and now the woman he did it with is telling everyone that she knows the President better than most Whitehouse interns. He panicked, he tried to get as much room between him and the singing intern as possible. Then, with the eyes of the American nation and the world upon him, he was asked if he had indeed had a little rumpy pumpy with Ms Lewinsky. Well c'mon, be serious here. What the hell would you say?

In the cold light of day what he did was wrong. He did after all, cheat on his wife, and it is his family that I feel sorry for. Imagine being the daughter of an impeached president, impeached over a sex scandal no less! That's a tough call (although you're still rich!). But what all those people on Capitol Hill need to think about here is how does this effect Mr Clinton's abilities to run the country... the most powerful country in the world. Does sensationalizing the facts (and the fiction) of the affair help anyone or anything?

What of Ms Lewinsky? Was this done out of spite? Most certainly yes, but when did she hatch the plan? Before or after the affair? (Keeping that dress for four years, and the answer phone messages?) If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd be wondering how much one would be paid for bringing a president down? And her future? What is she going to do after all this? She will be remembered for being the woman who gave Bill a blow job! I'm sorry to be blunt, but lets cut the crap here. That's a fact! She'll probably become an author after her career touring the worlds talk shows dies it's inevitable death. I hope they pay her enough so she can afford to wash her dresses more regularly than she obviously does!

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