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Simon Jones I started writing 'meanwhile' back in 1997 just a few months after creating my very first website which was rather unimaginatively called 'simon jones online.' Back then 'meanwhile' was actually called 'Meanwhile back in reality'.

In 1998 I had a catastrophic computer hard drive failure and as a result I lost nearly all of the meanwhile articles that I had written up to that point. For reasons I simply can't imagine, I hadn't backed up my work and therefore the files were lost.

A few of the articles were recovered by my very good friend Anne Metz who had previously printed and kept copies of a few of the articles from 1997 and 1998.

-- 1997 --
31.12.97 - That was 1997. Looking back on the events that were 1997.
22.12.97 - Going home for Christmas. The 'magic' of the season of goodwill.
15.12.97 - Ignorance or arrogance? Getting our size into perspective.

--- The lost files ---

29.12.97 - That was 1997.
08.12.97 - For the love of God.
03.12.97 - So sue me!
24.11.97 - Reasons to hate Microsoft.
17.11.97 - Famous for two reasons.
10.11.97 - Oh to be famous.
03.11.97 - American justice?
27.10.97 - Simon Burgess, a friend remembered.
20.10.97 - The peril of the chop.
13.10.97 - Point break.
06.10.97 - To throw a Mac.
30.09.97 - The truth is out there.
22.09.97 - Topping the bill.
15.09.97 - A new arrival.
08.09.97 - Trying to forget.
01.09.97 - Death of a Princess.
26.08.97 - Being the anti geek.

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