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Simon Jones My name is Simon Jones, and right now at I have about six seconds to capture your interest before you decide this website isn't your 'cup of tea' and simply click off to some other location in the vast expanse of zeros and ones we call 'the internet'.

'Meanwhile' isn't some kiss and tell online journal, or a voyeuristic 24/7 probe into my life. It's simply a collection of thoughts and moments captured in articles written by me and then shared with you, the world, or at least the few people who might, for whatever reason, find themselves at this website.

This is a BS free zone. A tiny section of the world wide web that won't dish up and serve you annoying little animated ads trying to relieve you of your hard earned cash. There's no cart to fill, no secure pages to take your credit card details, no expectations of any kind. You can read 'meanwhile' without me ever knowing you were here, or you can get in touch, whatever you like, it's up to you.

NOTE : I stopped writing new 'Meanwhile' articles back in 2007. After ten years in the same format it was time to move on. I now write and regularly update my blog called BEFORE i FORGET which you can find at

All 'Meanwhile' articles are still available for your enjoyment and/or curiosity. There is also an index of 'Unfinished Meanwhile's.'

-- 2007 --
15.12.07 - Thank you and goodnight Bidding a fond farewell to 'Meanwhile.'
03.11.07 - The point of no return What makes people leap to their deaths?
24.08.07 - Two wrongs Is it really civilized to execute people?
07.07.07 - The perfect day All the numbers were aligned correctly.
21.05.07 - Let's get this straight Is being gay an illness?
17.04.07 - Where is the war on gun crime? Guns DO kill people.
02.01.07 - The future isn't what it used to be A new year begins!

-- 2006 --
14.11.06 - In God's house When it comes to church, I'm a round peg in a square hole.
31.08.06 - Tomorrow's world Why aren't all parents mad crazy environmentalists?
31.07.06 - Baby on board A car window sticker that tells us more than it says.
06.06.06 - Assalamualaikum Is our distrust of Islam born out of our ignorance of it?
04.04.06 - Bleeding heart liberal? History remembers what today has forgotten.
05.02.06 - Not exactly GQ When bubbles turn bad.
08.01.06 - Shall we play a game? Do we somehow have the need to fear an enemy?

-- 2005 --
26.10.05 - 2000 Dead As the death toll in Iraq rises I wonder, is it worth it?
14.09.05 - Strange Brew It's beer, just beer with a strange name.
05.09.05 - A question of nature Is it right to ask tough questions in the wake of a disaster?
20.05.05 - Weapons of mass destruction Examining gun ownership in the USA.
12.05.05 - Just for the taste of it Is Coca-Cola guilty of corporate abuse in India?
22.03.05 - Murder by numbers Does owning a gun make you safer?
21.01.05 - So long Granddad Saying farewell and remembering my Granddad.

-- 2004 --
24.12.04 - Menthol cigars Menthol cigars! Who are we kidding?
22.12.04 - Nice shoes It's all about naked ladies and beer!
21.12.04 - Long hours little pay It's a hard life being a busker in the cold.
03.12.04 - Save me from the saved Is heaven is going to be anything like church?
01.12.04 - Every spouse must go! How comes the clock only "ticks" for single people?
23.11.04 - Happy to be a dead man Is it really a good idea to try and wake the dead?
17.11.04 - Black charities Some people just don't get it.
31.10.04 - This cold October day Far from the throng of city life the sun is setting.
29.10.04 - God's President Does God care who runs the richest country in the world?
14.10.04 - God created nudity Despite religion, we're still born naked.
19.10.04 - A much updated ruin Looking at fame with Nick Drake in mind.
14.10.04 - God created nudity When did skin become so offensive?
29.06.04 - The long way home I'd always wanted a convertible, and now I have one!
02.05.04 - Sunday's in no hurry I'm not asleep, but I am not quite awake yet.
15.01.04 - I don't do text Plse dnt let txt spk be the evolutn of the wrttn wrd.
15.01.04 - I dnt do txt A version of the above article written in text message shorthand.
01.01.04 - The beauty of a storm Where pages don't confuse us.

-- 2003 --
30.12.03 - Atomic Cafe Sipping steamers as a cold December night draws in.
09.11.03 - Tambourine Dream Time to gracefully retire all dreams of being a rock star.
14.09.03 - Who could see heaven Summer's encore leads to a spontaneous diversion.
24.08.03 - Bla bla bla Everyone has a point at which they just glaze over.
18.08.03 - Ikea generation It can't be normal to get this excited about a new lounge.
11.05.03 - Waving at planes Am I the only 'grown up' who still waves at planes?
20.04.03 - Promises Is it really possible to make a life long promise?
27.03.03 - Missing in action Has the truth become a face among imposters?
14.03.03 - Friday's song Medical science has some terrible limitations.
12.03.03 - Tickets please Finding inspiration on the 16:34 to Liverpool.
03.03.03 - The royal treatment A trip to The Liverpool Palace cut short.
16.02.03 - No news If there is only bad news is it irresponsible not to be interested?
01.02.03 - Safely home The space Shuttle Columbia is lost on its homeward journey.
26.01.03 - A bridge of stars One more gadget isn't going to fulfill me is it.
01.01.03 - One such moment Some moments can last forever.

-- 2002 --
29.12.02 - Red Cloud Road Memories of a Greyhound bus ride.
13.11.02 - Viewing pleasure It's an old truth that there simply is too much stuff on TV.
11.09.02 - September 11th Coming to terms with the events of September 11th 2001.
24.08.02 - Chicken or beef The joys of coach class.
19.08.02 - California A lot has happened in ten years.
02.08.02 - On a bus to Seattle My trend of writing on while in transit continues.
02.07.02 - Get real Are we searching for something real, or just being voyeurs?
02.07.02 - Just good friends Can married people have friends of the opposite sex?
15.06.02 - A good woman Do I have an inner camp guy?
29.04.02 - A tourist in time How come time goes faster as you get older.
24.04.02 - The wrong pizza Momentary amusement with wrong numbers.
17.02.02 - Wonders in the deep On loan to the nine to five life.
27.01.02 - Controlling revelations Is twisted truth still truth?
01.01.02 - It's seven thirty Killing time in an airport.

-- 2001 --
18.12.01 - 4000 miles to Christmas Once again leaving traditions behind.
23.10.01 - The blank page of tomorrow Secrets and lies never revealed in diaries.
03.10.01 - Sleeping soundly The reality of living in an age of armchair soldiers.
30.07.01 - Textual Positions Are we a generation gorging on promiscuous text?
14.06.01 - Do blondes have more fun The common belief tell us so.
13.05.01 - Sensible car Am I becoming a sensible person?
12.05.01 - A perfect day Days like these are the best.
09.04.01 - Crime Number 185624w/01 Once more a victim of crime.
01.03.01 - Asian Gold -v- Misty Lilac Should I be driving a better car?
14.02.01 - Previously on... Recapping on the plot so far.

-- Reality Radio --
Another project I did for a while was Reality Radio. Those were programs that were audio versions of 'Meanwhile Back in Reality'. However the format quickly grew and evolved into a fast moving audio experience. You can find archived shows at the main Reality Radio website (where I am still producing last years series from America!).
2000 - Reality Radio 2nd series from the states. Incomplete due to hard drive failure.
1999 - American Reality The original series, recorded in the U.S.
1998 - Reality Radio archive Where it all started in audio format.

-- 1999 --
13.09.99 - Accidental citizen I'm not a computer person!
10.05.99 - The wind of change Pondering a website make over.
01.05.99 - Ayrton Senna remembered My tribute to a Grand Prix legend.
16.03.99 - Being different Round pegs in square holes and the such.
01.03.99 - Show me the money What I hate about doing business.
09.02.99 - REF 34973 It's amazing how bad BT really are.
01.02.99 - As one door closes The joys of moving house.
27.01.99 - All good things Leaving my bedsit in Birkenhead.
13.01.99 - Dark city Misgivings about the state of the internet.

-- 1998 --
15.12.98 - Plastic times Is Christmas not made of the real thing?
07.12.98 - Me and Mr. Collins The purchase of a middle aged CD.
19.11.98 - Losing my religion My misguided notions about the 'browser war'.
12.11.98 - Another night in Birkenhell The story of Porky and the cops.
27.10.98 - Fasten your seat belts A look at the MicroSoft trial.
11.10.98 - Divided we stand The divide between the rich and poor
06.10.98 - My Vital Statistics Server stats?
28.09.98 - Barking up the wrong tree Christians getting it all twisted around.
22.09.98 - A byte from the Apple tree Questioning my former employers wisdom.
13.09.98 - Caught on the job President Clinton's privates become public.
06.09.98 - The iMac My views on the a new blue computer.
28.06.98 - Who wants to be Little. Looking back on the days at Connect.
22.06.98 - In the net. Football TV rights and the world cup.
21.04.98 - By the way, he's gay. Why is sexuality so important anyway?
13.04.98 - Whether it's true or not Tale of a mad man and his army of fools.
01.03.98 - Splinter in my eye Criticizing for criticizing sake
27.02.98 - A dog, a new trick, a possibility 1998 F1 season preview.
16.02.98 - What if tomorrow Does anyone really consider the value of time?
05.01.98 - Science fiction and the fact Looking back at what the future used to be.

-- 1997 --
31.12.97 - That was 1997. Looking back on the events that were 1997.
22.12.97 - Going home for Christmas. The 'magic' of the season of goodwill.
15.12.97 - Ignorance or arrogance? Getting our size into perspective.

--- The lost files ---
The lost files are old 'meanwhiles' that I no longer have. This is due to a horrible computer problem that deleted many of the previous articles I wrote. This isn't a complete list, I only know of these ones because of an archived web page that used to link to these 'meanwhiles' when they were stored on my website at the University of Liverpool.

-- 1998 --
26.01.98 - My America.
19.01.98 - The Devil and the deep blue sea.
12.01.98 - Life at Thirty.

-- 1997 --
08.12.97 - For the love of God.
03.12.97 - So sue me!
24.11.97 - Reasons to hate Microsoft.
17.11.97 - Famous for two reasons.
10.11.97 - Oh to be famous.
03.11.97 - American justice?
27.10.97 - Simon Burgess, a friend remembered.
20.10.97 - The peril of the chop.
13.10.97 - Point break.
06.10.97 - To throw a Mac.
30.09.97 - The truth is out there.
22.09.97 - Topping the bill.
15.09.97 - A new arrival.
08.09.97 - Trying to forget.
01.09.97 - Death of a Princess.
26.08.97 - Being the anti geek.

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